FA International foundation has been officially registered

Today our FA International foundation has been officially registered with number certificate LPF-261

The main activity of the Foundation shall be academic education, scientific, technological and research development. 

Admission to education and research is open to students coming from any country and the objectives shall be achieved by doing the following:

(a) Focus on study, education, training, as well as on scientific and technological research; 

(b) Offer service activities, establish relationships with public and private bodies by means of contracts and agreements, create learning centers in Malta and/or abroad and participate in consortia;

(c) Promote and foster any kind of cultural, educational and scientific exchange with both private and public bodies and university institutions;

(d) Support and develop education and scientific research in full respect to nature, humankind and living species, according to sustainable development principles, attention to future generations, and free and peaceful coexistence between peoples;

(e) Promote innovative research projects designed to develop the theoretical and application fields relevant to its study programs;

(f) Create and launch study programs and award pertaining qualifications in respect of such programs;

(g) Train students to be able to identify and create, thanks to its educational programs, the different links and interactions between the various disciplines in order to get a holistic knowledge to be applied to professional and personal life;

(h) Bypass mere technical skills and knowledge fragmentation, while offering environmental and human friendly guidelines;

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